The Miracle of Gratitude,
The Miracle of Life

A Spirit Guide called Nathan converses with a modern day woman, through an intuitive, to share life-altering teachings about gratitude and love.

From outside in, to inside out: a revolutionary approach to living YOUR authentic life, by following a seldom-heard pathway of gratitude. Unleash the fullness of you, to live your life fully, completely, as you have come here to do.

First in a series of teachings on love, The Miracle of Gratitude, The Miracle of Life offers a fresh perspective that will entice you to embrace the sacredness of your life, the lives of others, and the miracle you are created for, in fully being you.


The Unfoldment

She learns, through the most challenging yet exhilarating conversations with the Teachers, that she is perfection, created to love and express herself fully in the world. Nathan and Mother teach her about Unfoldment: the process of discovering and allowing all aspects of the Self to emerge and be celebrated.

Written in an endearing format with plenty of humour, The Unfoldment pulls the reader into this vigorous exchange, offering twelve dynamic teachings and concrete applications for living the life you have always desired to live!

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Elaine Pace has been on a life-long quest for Spirit, only to recently discover that Spirit has been right there, her entire life! After completing a career as a mental health counselor in 2011, Elaine’s world was turned upside down and infused with new life, when she became acquainted with Nathan, a spirit guide. To her surprise, Nathan communicated with Elaine through his translator, Denise Appelmans, an intuitive. Elaine was taught about love and authenticity, so that she could live the life she came here to live, and share Nathan’s teachings with the world. Elaine began a formative relationship as Nathan’s student, to become Nathan’s scribe and teacher. Her life has not been the same since!

The ongoing process of assimilating these teachings has led to profound changes in Elaine’s life, such that she is eager to do what Nathan requested of her: to love herself enough to live authentically, and to share Nathan’s teachings with the world.
In keeping with her love of people, animals, the water and natural surroundings, Elaine makes her home in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Denise Appelmans began experiencing an intuitive connection with Spirit and Guides as a small child. Opening to the multidimensional world of Spirit, she experienced a vigorous ride on the roller coaster of life. What emerged was a growing passion to share the gracious wisdom of Spirit in the form of intuitive readings, and later as a translator of the teachings from the Spirit Guide, Nathan. Her work as an Intuitive is far reaching providing guidance for people from numerous countries all over the world.

Denise’s background also includes over 28 years of combined traditional and alternative medical experience, along with numerous presentations and workshops offered throughout Canada and the US. Denise offers a unique blend of intuition and knowledge of the physical and Spiritual connection.

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Live Sharing of the Teachings

Denise Appelmans and Elaine Pace have begun a Canadian tour to share Nathan’s teachings.
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