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The Miracle of Gratitude, The Miracle of Life ~ A Sharing of Teachings

Are you ready to reenergize yourself, reacquaint yourself with the wonder of you, and release more love and joy into your life? If so, you are invited to attend a four-week series on the transformative power of gratitude and love. Discover a revolutionary approach to living your authentic life, by following a unique pathway of gratitude. Learn how intention, acceptance, peace and love, interwoven with gratitude, can reawaken your passions and enrich your life beyond imagining.

Thursday July 17/14 – Gratitude and Intention

“Gratitude is the essential essence of honouring the spark within another.”
–Gratitude is way more than it appears! When actively practised it can change your life and increase peace of mind.
Learn how intention, coupled with gratitude, opens the heart and invites love, for the greatest wellbeing of body, mind and spirit.

July 24/14 – Acceptance –

“Acceptance is not condoning – it is love. Acceptance awakens gratitude, and gratitude is the key pathway to Love.”* Learn how practicing acceptance can empower you to be you, and to learn precious lessons from life’s circumstances, which may defy understanding.

July 31/14 – Peace –

“The number one place peace comes from is your most authentic expression of the Omnipotent Source, your own particular expression of the Divine Spark.” Learn how living authentically, in peace, creates peace in the world around you.

August 7/14 – Love –

“Love is when my breath and your breath are just as important.”
Learn the vast importance of loving yourself, so you can be fully you, love others, and thrive.

Time: 6:30 – 9:00 pm

Location: The Church of Truth, 111 Superior Street, Victoria.

Fee: $50 per evening, or $190 for the entire series.

* All quotes are from Nathan.

For more info: Contact Elaine at or fill in the form below:

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