Intuitive Reading with Denise

Experience an Intuitive Reading with Denise and explore a compassionate, informative, transformative connection to the messages of your own personal guidance. An Intuitive Reading offers you an opportunity to receive guidance from your Spirit Guide, Ancestral Guides, and Angelic forces.

A Reading can provide guidance for

  • life path issues such as career, love, partnership, health and past life issues
  • provide a sense of direction, a game plan for the life you came to this earth to live
  • inner peace, self compassion, focus, empowerment for your life journey
  • release of stressors and pain
Denise Appelmans began experiencing an intuitive connection with Spirit and Guides as a small child. Opening to the multidimensional world of Spirit, she experienced a vigorous ride on the roller coaster of life. What emerged was a growing passion to share the gracious wisdom of Spirit in the form of intuitive readings, and later as a translator of the teachings from the Spirit Guide, Nathan. Her work as an Intuitive is far reaching providing guidance for people from numerous countries all over the world.

Denise’s background also includes over 28 years of combined traditional and alternative medical experience, along with numerous presentations and workshops offered throughout Canada and the US. Denise offers a unique blend of intuition and knowledge of the physical and Spiritual connection.

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