Elaine Pace has been receiving teachings from the Spirit Guides Nathan and Mother, through Denise Appelmans, Intuitive, since 2011.

The application of these teachings of love, authenticity, and unfoldment resulted in a huge transformation, numerous life changes, and many surprises for Elaine. Based on the liberating effect of these teachings and skills gleaned from an extensive career in counseling and social services, Elaine offers coaching sessions to those who want to learn and apply the teachings of unfoldment.

Through an integrative approach of incorporating the revolutionary teachings of Nathan and Mother, with the formation of a personalized Map of Your Sacred Journey ©, you will receive tools, wisdom, and encouragement that will assist you to:

Awaken your passions
Identify and embrace your heart’s desires
Unfold the authentic, dynamic, unique expression of your spirit’s call.

For more information and to book a session, go to www.elainepace.ca